Mezzidakia – Glasgow

The sister restaurant to Topolabamba and Chaakoo, Mezzidakia opened late last year with mixed reviews popping up ever since. As it’s just down the road from our office on St. Vincent Street, in the same block as both of the other restaurants in the group, Mezzidakia seemed like a good place to head for lunch.

The décor is very ‘in’ – whitewashed brick walls, wooden tables, geometric shaped mirrors on the walls. We were shown upstairs, seated at a half-booth, and left to peruse the menu. Mezzidakia have not long started a lunch deal which offers two Mezzi dishes plus a side for £9.95 – not a bad deal, however most of our group were tempted by the kebabs and so decided not to take advantage of this it.

Rachel did opt for two Mezzi dishes, choosing Yalantzi Dolmades and Chicken Souvlaki, along with a side of Flatbread and Hummus. The dolmades – vine leaves stuffed with aubergine, rice, lemon, cumin and thyme – are not my thing at all, however Rachel seemed to enjoy them. The Chicken Souvlaki looked nice and moist, however the two portions weren’t quite enough to make a lunch (especially as Rachel shared her hummus with the three of us).

Mezzidakia 26.01.18
Yalantzi Dolmades

We also ordered some sides to share between us, choosing the Flatbread and Baba Ghanoush, Tabbouleh, and a couple of portions of Fries. The fries were nice and crispy with the flavour of oregano definitely present throughout. Both the hummus and the baba ghanoush were good too – the hummus coarse and subtle, the baba ghanoush silky and sweet. They weren’t necessarily traditional versions of the dishes, but they both went well with the fresh tabbouleh, and all three were good as accompaniments to our main choices.

Mezzidakia 26.01.18 (2)
Selection of Sides

Both Martin and Kathryn went for options from the Kebabs section of the menu, Martin choosing the Urfa – ground beef and lamb with sweet paprika, garlic, cumin, oregano and onions – and Kathryn opting for the Ali Nazik Kebab – marinated lamb with roasted aubergine and spiced sumac yoghurt.

Mezzidakia 26.01.18 (4)

Both kebabs were good sized portions, with plenty of meaty filling, and both Martin and Kathryn enjoyed their choices. I went for the equally filling, but slightly more difficult to eat, Lamb Souvlaki Gyros. Now, I love a gyros and I love lamb so this seemed like the perfect option for me. The chunks of lamb were well cooked and flavoursome, although could have been hotter. The fluffy flatbread was lovely and soft, and, surprisingly, held together fairly well despite the overflowing fillings inside it. The salad was plentiful, however I could have definitely used some more feta cream as it disappeared a bit.

Mezzidakia 26.01.18 (3)
Lamb Souvlaki Gyros

Despite ordering enough food to feed a small army, we decided to order a couple of desserts to try. The Chocolate Brownie was a huge mound of chocolate cake – lovely in flavour, although both Martin and I agreed we would have preferred a fudgier texture. The Pistachio Ice Cream was just that – ice cream with a subtle pistachio flavour, it wouldn’t have been my first choice but was nice enough. The single-scoop portion was, I thought, a bit skimpy. For me, there was a definite winner when it came to the desserts, and that was the Knefeh Baked Cheesecake with Orange Blossom. The orange flavour was very, very subtle, with the superb creaminess of the cheesecake coming to the fore. Set on a crunchy, crumbly biscuit base, this was a rich, decadent dessert – I was a bit sorry I had to share, to be honest!

Mezzidakia 26.01.18 (5)
Chocolate Brownie and Knefeh Cheesecake

I actually really quite liked the food at Mezzidakia, and with only a few tweaks (hotter meat, more generous portions) it could be even better. The restaurant scene in Glasgow is seeing a lot of “gourmet kebab” places opening up, so perhaps offering small plates alongside this will help Mezzidakia to stay at the forefront of the game.

Mezzidakia – Website

Mezzidakia – Facebook


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